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Site News

13.02.2010I have added another randomizer for mythological names. Feel free to explore the Greek mythology...

13.02.2010I have added a couple of pie-charts to show how many names have been generated/looked up, and their distribution.

10.01.2010None of the name generators require that you log in anymore.
New user registration has been taken offline, and all registered users has been deleted.

22.11.2009Due to more pressure from GW I have decided to remove the file sections from this site. There might be some small changes to the site in the coming weeks.

27.09.2009Due to a letter from Games Workshop regarding infringement of their IP rights I have removed a lot of the files on this website. More may be removed in the following days.
I am sad that GW feel the need to kill off all community support for their games. I was trying to provide a low-cost alternative for those who no longer can keep up with GWs soaring pricing.
If anyone has any ideas for what I can do with this site, please contact me :)

17.09.2009The mail-problems seems to be resolved now.

17.09.2009My ISP has, in their infinite wisdom, decided that I have been sending to many emails lately, and have cut of my outgoing mail. I am working to resolve the issue. Registration will not work until this is fixed.

16.07.2009The server has been down due to a power-outage. Sorry.

19.06.2009The server will be down during the daytime (CET) on June 23. due to electrical maintenance.

04.04.2009There will be some downtime during the easter weekend due to some long overdue server maintenance.

06.03.2009I have fixed the name-generators so they should now work in all browsers. Please let my know if there are any problems.

15.01.2009I am sorry about the downtime today. The server had crashed and I couldn't do anything about it until I got home.

04.10.2008My ISP is having problems today, so the site might be unavailable from time to time.

30.09.2008There has been some downtime due to a power outage. Sorry.

24.06.2008I have added the possibility to add and read comments about the files.
You must be logged in to use this feature.

05.06.2008I have fixed a problem with the account activation.
Those who just got 'Error' should try again.

28.05.2008Important: If the confirmation-message doesn't appear in your inbox when you try to register, please check your spam-mail folder. To do this you might have to log on to your mail-providers web-mail.

24.05.2008When trying to log in with an unconfirmed account you now have the option to resend the confirmation-message.

24.05.2008People trying to register using Hotmail / Live / MSN (and possibly others as well) MUST add '@tabletopwar.com' to their safe senders list before registering. This change may take some time to activate.

22.05.2008At the moment all confirmation-messages are automatically deleted if you are using HotMail (and maybe others).
I am trying to find a way around this.

08.05.2008The server has been down for maintenance, but is now back up again. There might be some more downtime during the weekend, but that has not been decided yet.

24.03.2008I have added two RSS-feeds to this page.
One for site news, and one for new files.

22.03.2008I have added two more randomizers for mythological names. Feel free to explore the Norse and Maya mythology...

22.03.2008Added some site stats as well.

21.03.2008Added a list of the Top 10 downloads (scroll down).

20.03.2008Fixed an issue with time-outs during upload. Upload of files up to 10MB should now be possible.

21.02.2008Some users got an error when trying to change their settings. This has now been fixed.

11.01.2008I have added a randomizer for mythological names as well. There might be more of these later too...

10.01.2008Any feedback you might have on the Name Generators is appreciated. Please use the Contact Form.

08.01.2008I have added a few Name Generators. There might be more later :)

26.12.2007Some mailproviders refuse to accept mail from us. Click here for more information.
This does not affect those that are already registered and confirmed.

18.12.2007We have our first upload! A big thank you to AdamSouza.

10.12.2007Excessive leeching has unfortunately forced me to restrict the bandwidth available to this website. This restriction might be removed if people start contributing.

10.12.2007My internet-connection has been down a bit today, but if you are reading this it should be up again.

07.12.2007NEW POLICY: Accounts that have not been comfirmed within 3 days of registration will be deleted without further notice.

06.12.2007The mailproblems are now resolved. My ISP had, without giving proper notification, blocked all outbound mail traffic. This is now opened again.

06.12.2007The registration has been down for a short while but is back up again. It seems my ISP is blocking all outbound mail from my mailserver. While I try to resolve this (they are closed for the night) I will have to relay all mail through their servers.

05.12.2007Site is open for business. There is not much content yet, but with your help maybe we can make this a thriving community.