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Welcome to www.tabletopwar.com

Site News
13.02.2010I have added another randomizer for mythological names. Feel free to explore the Greek mythology...

13.02.2010I have added a couple of pie-charts to show how many names have been generated/looked up, and their distribution.

10.01.2010None of the name generators require that you log in anymore.
New user registration has been taken offline, and all registered users has been deleted.

22.11.2009Due to more pressure from GW I have decided to remove the file sections from this site. There might be some small changes to the site in the coming weeks.

27.09.2009Due to a letter from Games Workshop regarding infringement of their IP rights I have removed a lot of the files on this website. More may be removed in the following days.
I am sad that GW feel the need to kill off all community support for their games. I was trying to provide a low-cost alternative for those who no longer can keep up with GWs soaring pricing.
If anyone has any ideas for what I can do with this site, please contact me :)

...More News...
Shameless Plug You can see my painted minis on www.my-minis.info. Updated 06.03.2009.

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